The following links and resources are for general use and no liability is offered for their use. Naturally legal information such as this never takes the place of professional legal counsel. These sites are however very handy as are the general media & news sites. Please let us know if there are any dead links too and if there are other sites you’d like to see covered below.

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Community Legal Internet Resources:

LawAccess NSW [Search ]

A comprehensive free government site providing a single point of access to legal and related assistance services in New South Wales.  Good back-ground legal research site.

Law For You [Search ]

State and Territory law in plain English on a range of legal topics for non lawyers including articles on current legal issues and a free lawyer matching service for specific needs

“Contravention of a Child Order” Information for Respondents [Search ]

Plain English guide for Family Court litigants who are disputing a Contravention of a Child Order (Legal Aid NSW)

Apprehended Violence Orders (Applicants)

(Legal Aid NSW)

Apprehended Violence Order (For Defendants)

(Legal Aid NSW)

Family Law [Search ]

Frequently asked questions with plain English information about child support, residency and contact orders, divorce, changing your child’s name and property settlement as well as web links to further help (Legal Aid NSW)

Going to Court

Advice on going to court; on the day and before a hearing. Useful introductory material.

The above community legal resources are courtesy of the Austlii Legal Internet project site and Others will be added so please check regularly check back for updates. If you also have an area of the law you would like to see here simply contact us and let us know and we will add it to these link.

Additional NSW legal information can be found via such as the following:

Court Websites

Court Lists


Practice Directions

Court Forms

Government Departments and Agencies (Federal):

Attorney-General’s Department –

Provides essential expert support to the Government in the maintenance and improvement of Australia’s system of law and justice and its national security and emergency management systems.

Australian Law Reform Commission

A permanent, independent federal statutory corporation that conducts inquiries into areas of law reform at the request of the Attorney-General of Australia.

Centrelink –

An Australian Government statutory agency, delivering a range of Commonwealth services to the Australian community, including family assistance, career allowance, pensions and much more.

Social media legal resources & sites:

There are also a number of great resources available that keep you up to date on legal issues affecting Australia and other countries on the web as well as emerging media produced on user-driven platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and  others such as Posterous.

Foolkit Legal – – is a leading Australian legal information site that is  used by both the public and practitioners.

Foolkit also produces a 24/7 micro-blog via Twitter titled; @foolkitlegal  This site now with over 3,000 followers – started in 2009 has received substantial interest and success for Foolkit Legal and made it  a trusted source of information on Australian legal affairs throughout the social media community.


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